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KASPER live @ “Ekdom in de Ochtend” (NPO 2)!
On Friday June 2nd, KASPER and his band performed "Say What You Wanna Say on “Ekdom in de Ochtend”, a popular Dutch live radio show hosted by DJ Gerard Ekdom. Watch their performance on
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KASPER joins Popronde!
It's official! KASPER will be joining "the largest moving festival of Holland”: Popronde 2017! The festival is set for September till November and involves gigs in at max 40 cities. Specific dates and times will follow later!
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“Say What You Wanna Say” Out Now!
The funkiest song I wrote so far :) On April 21st, "Say What You Wanna Say" was released as single no. 4! Check the song on your favorite platform by clicking the smarturl!

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KASPER @ “Hart In Aktie” (SBS 6)!
On Wednesday March 15th, KASPER was featured on the Dutch television program “Hart In Actie”, which fulfills wishes for people in need. On the popular Dutch tv show (channel SBS 6), KASPER performed a cover of “Fly Me To The Moon” for Tonny, who suffered from health problems. Watch a snippet of the emotional moment here.
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KASPER live @ “Koffietijd” (RTL 4)!
On Thursday February 2nd, KASPER and his band performed the song “Just Take It“ on “Koffietijd”, a well known Dutch live tv show on channel RTL 4. Watch their performance on Youtube!
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Official video for “Just Take It” out now!
The “Just Take It“ music video was shot by SquareFlare in Almere, the Netherlands, charring Nivin Drost as the leading lady. It was shot at different locations; among others, “Café op 2” and “Moving Studios”. We all had so much fun making this video, even the guy at the 1:41 minute mark. Watch the video here.
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“Just Take It” released as single!
On December 30th, “Just Take It” was released as the 3rd and final single of the EP of the same name. KASPER produced the track with two co-members of their production team “The Livingtons”. A video release is planned for the 27th of January. Check the song on your favorite platform by clicking the smart url!

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“Just Take It” (EP) OUT NOW!
The EP “Just Take It” is available now on your favorite platform. The EP includes pop and funk influences, amongst other musical styles, and contains 6 tracks. Check it out!

iTunes/Apple Music
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Official video for “Do It Like This feat. Kéwork” out now!
The “Do It Like This“ music video was shot by SquareFlare in Almere, the Netherlands. It took 4 days to shoot the video, in several settings, one of them being the clothing store “Hard Bitten and the Others”. It was a true blast making this video, I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it! Check it out!
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“Do It Like This ft. Kéwork” OUT NOW!
On July 22nd, the second single by KASPER was released on Youtube, Spotify, iTunes and numerous other platforms. Check the funky song by clicking on your favorite platform!

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I’ll Be Around (Kéwork Remix) video featured on tv network XITE!
On june 22nd, Dutch national television network XITE broadcasted the music video for I’ll Be Around (Kéwork Remix)! They also wrote an article on their webpage about the track and artist. Click here to read it!
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Visuals online for I’ll Be Around!
After the first visual, a lyric video for the original version of I'll Be Around, this weekend a visual was released for the "Kéwork Remix" of the track. A quick description of both videos:

I'll Be Around (Lyric Video)
This "Stop Motion" lyric video consists of approximately 3000 unique photos, creating the feeling of words moving around without any external force being exerted on them. It was produced in collaboration with Nina on the Road. Check it out!

I'll Be Around (Kéwork Remix) (Official Video)
This video was shot at the "NDSM-werf" in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and focuses on a dancer on his way to an important breakdance battle. Produced by SquareFlare, this video features a collaboration with dance school Social Dance and the Flevopolder Posse. Check it out!

Check out Kéwork’s website: www.iamkework.com
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Kasper joins Tristan as guest vocalist during live shows in June!
After being featured as guest vocalist on the Tristan album ‘Lifestyle’ (released April 16th), Kasper will join Tristan during their live shows on the following dates and venues:

03.06.2016 22:45
MeerJazz Hoofddorp
Raadhuisplein, Hoofddorp

18.06.2016 23:00
Swingin Groningen
Broerplein, Groningen

InJazz Festival Rotterdam

Veronica Countdown Cafe

Check the Tristan album ‘Lifestyle’ with guest vocals by KASPER on Spotify & iTunes.
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Kasper performs as support for Tristan in Patronaat, Haarlem
On April 17th, Kasper performed as the support act for Tristan during their album presentation. Footage of the performance can be found here and here.
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Kasper featured on “Lifestyle” album by Tristan
On April 16th, the album “Lifestyle” by Tristan was released, on which Kasper is featured as guest vocalist for two songs: “Let Me Breathe” and “Don’t Wanna Stop”. All tracks are available on Spotify, iTunes, and as the complete album on CD or LP.

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“I’ll Be Around” out on Spotify and iTunes!
On April 8th, the first single by Kasper was released on Youtube, Spotify, iTunes and numerous other platforms. Together with the original version, an official remix was released, produced by Kéwork. Check the links below to listen to both versions on your favorite platform!

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Kasper performs at Schouwburg Almere
During the benefit ‘Podium Almeers Talent’, Kasper performed two originals: I’ll Be Around and Just Take It. Accompanied by Paul Rijks on drums, Michael Elia on bass, and Stefan Broeder on keys, they presented the songs as a live band. Watch part of the performance here.
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Kasper plays at the Ladies Movie Night at Utopolis Almere
Last night, Kasper performed at the Utopolis Cinema in Almere for the premiere of ‘Mannenharten 2’. Accompanied by percussionist Paul Rijks, he played a combination of covers and original material.
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Kasper plays at the Ladies Movie Night at Utopolis Almere
Last night, Kasper performed at the Utopolis Cinema in Almere for the premiere of ‘Ja ik wil!’. Accompanied by percussionist Paul Rijks, he played a combination of covers and original material.
Kasper performs at AmsterdamFM
Earlier this week, Kasper performed at the Songwriters Guild Live radio show at AmsterdamFM. Accompanied by Paul Rijks on percussion and Michael Elia on keys, he played several songs.
Kasper performs with Alain Clark at Schouwburg Almere
Last week, Kasper was invited to play an original song during the theater show of Alain Clark in Schouwburg Almere. He was accompanied by Alain Clark and his band, playing his original song Golden Lovin.